So you've got yourself a sensor!

First off, a huge thank you from the team & the town for joining the Clean Air Frome project.
Plus, a special shout out to those of you who attended a workshop to build your own sensor. Fantastic work everyone.
By hosting a sensor, you're contributing data to international open source air quality projects, as well as providing realtime information to the people of Frome to inform decisions on how they use the town & how they and their families may benefit from changing walking routes etc. to reduce exposure (particularly for young ones) & their travel & fuel use habits.
The following is a walkthough of setting up your device once you get it to the place it will be installed. It requires access to a WiFi network for internet access.
Much of the setup can be done from a smartphone. The walkthrough used a recent Android phone, but the process is very similar on other devices.

1. Sensor Plugged In

Once plugged in, the sensor will show up as a WiFi hotspot with a name starting "cleanairfrome-" e.g. cleanairfrome-21 as shown in the screenshot below.

2. Connect to the sensor's hotspot

We need to connect to it, to tell it how to connect to your home WiFi, so it can access the internet.
The hotspot password is "techshed".
The sensor has what's known as a "captive portal", similar to those used on hotel and subscription WiFi hotspots. To access this, your phone may automatically. If not, a sign-in prompt may appear, as shown below.
iOS Devices
Please note: we have found that some iOS devices don't display the captive portal. In these cases, please use another device for the setup process.

3. Sensor Configuration

Next, the captive portal screen will show available WiFi hotspots.
Select the network name (SSID) of your home WiFi (or the connection you will be using) and enter the password in the box below the network name, ignoring the "Advanced settings" area.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Save configuration and restart..

4. Connecting

The sensor will then reboot and its own WiFi hotspot will disappear.
Once the sensor has rebooted, it will connect to your WiFi.
If you have a desktop or laptop computer available (this works with some mobile devices, but not all), the sensor should be visible by visiting http://cleanairfrome-21.local./values replacing "21" in that example, with the number of your sensor.
The number of your sensor is written on the bottom of the unit.
Within 5 minutes, the sensor should take its first reading, then appear on CleanAirFrome.